Cedar Point Trip






Here's all you need to do (check out the links provided):

--> SIGN UP for the trip so we know how many are going...you can even pay online through this link if you want.

--> Get the letter with details (also available below, but not as easy to print off) so you know what's happening! (It's not a bad idea to print off a copy of the letter for your parents--hint, hint.)

Here are the details...

COST: $55. This money MUST be given to me when you arrive at the bus stop you are using or before.  Checks can be made out to TFCs.  You can also pay by credit card online.  This will cover your ticket and transportation. 

You WILL NEED to bring money for food. In past years, the wonderful Matt & Heather Valley offered an inexpensive sack lunch for our group. They cannot join us this year, so lunch is on your own.  If you want to pack your own sack lunch, we can meet at the front of the park for a picnic lunch. We will be stopping for fast food on the road (breakfast and dinner).  Again, YOU are responsible for all of your own food costs.


Sunday, August 13th-
If you (or your parents) aren’t crazy about the idea of an early morning drive, you are welcome to spend the night at my place (TFC Student Center, Otisville, MI). You can meet here starting at 9PM.  Please be prepared with a sleeping bag & pillow. If at all possible, I recommend that you get a shower before you come, as there will not be a lot of showers available (Student Center bathrooms are under construction).  You will be responsible to find your own way here.

Monday, August 14th-
IF you DON’T spend the night before with us, we have a couple bus stops in the (EARLY) morning for you to use.  DO NOT BE LATE FOR THE BUS!  WE WANT TO GET THERE AS CLOSE TO OPENING TIME AS POSSIBLE! See below for bus stops and times...

To go on the trip, YOU MUST SIGN UP ON THE WEBSITE. I want to get a SOLID number of student going. DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU ARE GOING. Depending on numbers, we may have to use "first come, first serve", so please fill out the form as soon as you are sure you are coming. SIGN UP HERE

TFC STUDENT CENTER (Dan’s House): 12506 Wilson Road | Otisville, MI 48463
GREEN OAK FMC: 10111 Fieldcrest Dr. | Brighton MI 48116