Weather Issues

TFC Weather Issues

We live in Michigan, so we know there could be weather issues during the traveling season.   Of course, we encourage you to use your own best judgement for your area and your situation.  It is difficult to have a clear picture for ALL locations students come from in this state-wide ministry!

If things get really bad and we need to CANCEL a concert, we'll put information on this page.  We'll also post it on the Facebook STUDENT GROUP (students only), the TFC Fan Page (find it here), and email the Parent Email list (sign up here, just be sure to click "TFC PARENT EMAIL LIST).


TFC Weather Updates:

 1/12/18: Tonight's (FRIDAY) SONSHINE CONNECT event has been canceled due to poor road conditions. As of now, the TFC concert scheduled for tomorrow (1/13/18 @ Westwood Heights) is still happening as scheduled. See you tomorrow!


4/14/18: Today's TFC Concert at Mt. Morris FMC has been CANCELED due to poor road conditions.